Two challengers will enter, but only one will emerge victorious from the Party Inflators Joust Arena. Gladiators will stand on the pedestal in the center of the arena and battle each other with the included jousting poles until one is left standing. 

The Party Inflataors Joust Arena is the perfect interactive inflatable for most any event you could possibly imagine. From summer barbecue parties to birthday celebrations and graduations, this inflatable is an absolute must for any event

Dimensions 16'x16' - call for pricing .

Zap A Mole is an interactive game for all ages. Zap A Mole can be set up outside or inside a house, warehouse, school, church or at your workplace. 

The inflatable game is designed for two players to compete. Once the start button is pressed, the two players push the lighted buttons that are a top of each moles head. With five moles per player, the game gets faster and faster as the timer runs! 

Party Inflators Zap A Mole game is the perfect carnival game to add on to school carnivals, church events, company picnics, college events, post-prom events or a birthday party.

Dimensions 9'l by 4.5' w by 6.5' h call for pricing

The 70's Bouncer

Human Whack-a-mole

Double Threat Combo

the double threat combo

take a leap of faith in this gigantic 10 foot slide/bouncer combo known as "the double threat combo!

Dimensions: 25'(L) X 15'(W) X 18'(H)  & a 10 foot slide! - CALL FOR PRICING 

Spider-man bouncer

Tropical double Slide Bouncer 

Party Castle

The famous Gaga Pit Game brought to you in a inflatable version for your pleasure. This classic Gaga Pit game combines dodging, striking, running and jumping with the purpose of hitting opponents with a ball below the waist while trying to avoid being hit yourself. The Gaga Pit game can be played by a group of individuals versing each other, by teams, or in one-on-one matches. This Gaga Pit is 26' x 22' and has plenty of room for up to 10 players at a time. Let your players test out their dodging skills with this Gaga Pit game. Can be a good compliment for corporate events, church events, school events, and competitive sporting events.


Dimensions: 26' by 22' - call for pricing

extreme challenger obstacle course 

This 40 foot challenging obstacle course will put your friends and family into a competitive world as they race to the finish line.

Dimensions: 40'(L) X 10' (W) X 10' (H)


baseball dart

Sports Slide Combo

Create a fun environment with the Irish inflatable pub. this will guarantee superior entertainment! May be used inside and outside. The Irish inflatable pub is not intended to be used as a shelter from weather.

Dimensions: 20(L)x20'(W)x20'(H) - call for pricing

This unit has double slides, mini rock wall, obstacles and more great for all events.

Dimensions: 20' (L) 13(W) 15(H) & (2) 6 Foot Slides

CALL FOR PRICING                             

This unit includes a very sporty look with an indoor 5' slide! 

Great for any EVENT.

Dimensions: 15'(l)15'(w)15'(h) - CALL FOR PRICING

Colorful Castle

little tikes bouncer

20' Interactive rock wall

This unit includes a very sporty look with an indoor 5' slide! 

Great for any of your Nebraska Husker events.


Dimensions: 15'(l)15'(w)15'(h) ​- call for pricing

Double fun combo

party inflators inflatables

Bouncers, Combos, and Interactive Inflatables and more.

Copyright Party Inflators Commercial Inflatables, LLC. All rights reserved.

Speedy Obstacle Course

This is our 54 or 78 foot extreme challenger obstacle course.The extreme challenger obstacle course is the ultimate in inflatable courses it is challenging for all ages. 

Dimensions: 54'(L) X 12' (W) X 12' (H)

DIMENSIONS: 78'(L) X 12' (W) X 12' (H)


Tropical Palm Tree Dual Lane Bounce House and Slide, mini rock wall Combo Adventure keeps the party moving with less waiting time to slide

dimensions: 20' (L) 13(W) 15(H) & (2) 6 Foot Slides

CALL FOR PRICING                             

indoor/outdoor bouncer

Water Slide Combo

basketball castle

Exactly the same as "The Party Castle" except this bounce house has a BASKETBALL HOOP! 

Dimensions: 15'(L) X 15'(W) X 16' (H) - call for pricing

Spiderman Bouncer

The Sports Slide combo packs a punch with a mini rock wall and basketball inside good for all ages and events. 

DIMENSIONS: 28'(L) X 13' (W) X 15' (H)



Irish Inflatable Pub

At only eight feet high, this bouncer is designed to fit in low-clearance areas. guaranteed to deliver all the fun and excitement any other bounce house would!

DIMENSIONS: 15'(L) X 15' (W) X 8' (H)


Indoor Outdoor Buncer Party Inflators

This 15'X15' Moonwalk/Slide Combo with a 7' slide is one of our most rented inflatables due to the enjoyment and entertainment it provides for our valued customers! Schedule it today for superior entertainment at your upcoming event. 

Dimensions: 15'(L) X 15'(W) X 16' (H) & (2) 7 FOOT SLIDES - CALL FOR PRICING

Party Inflators Basketball Castle

Joust Arena

Baseball Dart by Party Inflators. This fun interactive game combines Baseball and Darts into one inflatable fun time. Players throw a Sticky ball onto the giant inflatable Dart board to see which point they can score. Great for sporting events, corporate events, Church Events, fundraisers, or backyard events. Good for all ages.

Dimensions 16'x16' - call for pricing .

Kids fun all day long check out the dodgeball bounce house from party inflators. for kids 2-8 years of age max 4 kids at a time.

Dimensions: 20(L)x10'(W)x10'(H) - call for pricing

Sports Slide Combo 

​event planning call we can help 402-937-8143

sports water slide combo

challenger Obstacle course 

double moonwalk combo

Soccer dart

Soccer Dart By Party Inflators. This fun interactive game combines Soccer and Darts into one inflatable fun time. Players kick a Sticky Soccer ball onto the giant inflatable Dart board to see which point they can score. Great for sporting events, church events, corporate events, fundraisers, or party rental businesses for backyard events. Good for all ages.

Dimensions 16'x16' - call for pricing .

Home Run

Dodgeball Bounce house

the dynamite line is perfect for limited area can be used inside or outside and is action packed. guaranteed fun for all ages!

DIMENSIONS: 30'(L) X 12' (W) X 12' (H)


dynamite line Obstacle Course 

colorful castle


‘9 Square In the Air’ from Party Inflators is action packed! This incredibly fun, fast-paced, active and very addictive game is for all ages. How long can you be King?‘9 Square In the Air’ is great for all events; back yard parties, post proms, team building events, church events, school field days, corporate events, birthday parties, college events and carnivals.  

Dimensions 18'l by 18' w by 7' h call for pricing

whether you are a baseball fan or not, you will enjoy swinging away at this Home Run Derby challenge. Participants take turns at bat to test their smashing skills. The ball hovers in mid-air in an airstream that pumps through the cone inflatable. With space enough for both left- and right-handed batters, Home Run Derby is a fun challenge of America's favorite pastime. The baseball diamond panel in the back has numerous slots all over the field to aim at. Each section rewards the batter with a certain amount of points. This way, challengers can keep score to determine who the Ken Griffey Jr. among them is. Balls are returned to batters via the trap beneath the panel. Home Run Derby is sure to be a sensational hit among young and old alike.

Dimensions: 12'(l)11'(w)10'(h) - ​​call for pricing

Bouble moonwalk Combo


Don't forget about the toddlers! Rent this gravity defying 10x10 little tikes bounce house. 


​call for pricing

Create an action packed atmosphere with this incredible Spider-Man hero bounce house. Equipped with very spacious bouncing this will guarantee superior entertainment! 

Dimensions: 13'(L)x13'(W)x20'(H) - call for pricing

Party Inflators Interactive Play system can be set up in endless combinations and spread as far as 30 ft. apart for maximum training or playing distance.  Party Inflators IPS is designed for all ages and events. Try it at your post prom, corporate event, sports training practices, community celebrations, school picnic or church carnival.

Dimensions: endless 

call for pricing 402-937-8143

Tropical Double Slide Bouncer

The speedy obstacle course is great for all ages and is action packed! 

DIMENSIONS: 24'(L) X 11' (W) X 11' (H)



Dynamite Line Obstacle Course

Wrecking Ball

Our "Crazy Jumper" delivers an action-packed bounce experience suitable for all ages and events. Include the "Crazy Jumper" in your church or school activity, your tailgate or your backyard party. The "Crazy Jumper" can be set up inside a garage, shed or outside.  

Dimensions 13'l by 13' w by 8' h call for pricing

Put the party in party with the 70's bouncer! this unit has the feel of the old type bouncers from the 70's.

Dimensions: 20'(L) X 20'(W) X 20' (H) - CALL FOR PRICING                             

Speedy Obstacle course

Wrecking Ball

gaga dodgeball pit

crazy jumper

Nebraska husker bouncer 

stay cool with this sports interactive waterslide and basketball inside! 

DIMENSIONS: 28'(L) X 13' (W) X 15' (H)

call for pricing 


DEMOTIONS  (20)D (24)H


Irish Inflatable Pub

Copyright Party Inflators Commercial Inflatables, LLC. All rights reserved.

The 20 foot Rock Wall is one of a kind rock wall that will

be a huge hit at any large party or event. We use relays

that will ensure a safe and smooth drop back down the rock wall. This wall is huge and awesome!

Deminsions: 18'(L)x18'(W)x20'(H)


 *Supervision required*

The Party Inflators human whack-a-mole game is an instant hit at every event.  Human Whack-a-Mole is great for all ages whether a backyard parties with friends and family, school events, festival, corporate fun church events,  post proms or whatever the event you may be having, it is always a lot of fun to play and watch the human whack-a-mole game. The best part of it all is that everyone can be a part of the game, as it is suited for all ages. The Human Whack-A-Mole may be used indoor or outdoor in the gym or in the house or in the garage. The Party Inflators human whack-a-mole game includes the super-size whack-a-mole unit, the balls, and the inflatable whacking hammer. 

Dimensions 14'x14'X6' - call for pricing.

Give your princes or princesses all the royalty as they bounce into happiness with this castle! 

Dimensions: 15'(L) X 15'(W) X 16' (H) - CALL FOR PRICING                             



9 Square 

Party Inflators Double Fun Combo

The party castle

Extreme Challenger Obstacle Course

axe throwing game 

Bounce hOuse