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                                                      General FAQ's

What if I need to cancel/reschedule the inflatable? 
You will be allowed to cancel/reschedule your reserved inflatable within 10 days prior to your inflatable rental date. There will be no customer cancellation fee for inclement weather or customer remorse if canceled within 10 days prior to the event. If canceled any time after the 10 day cancellation period you will be subject to pay for the scheduled event, but we will do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied. 

Party Inflators LLC reserves the right to cancel any event if we feel there is a potential safety hazard.  

How can I be sure you won’t do the same?
Once you reserve your inflatable rental with The Party Inflators, we will send out electronic invitations and Invoice to confirm your inflatable rental is on our calendars and scheduled to meet your entertainment needs for your desired date and time. an invoice will be sent to your email and must be paid 10 days prior or before to the event to guarantee the reservation. 

What if the forecast is for inclement weather? 
We will notify you if we think there is going to be inclement weather. there will be no refund if there 
is rain or temperatures 55 degrees or lower. WE WILL NOT SET UP any Inflatable IF THE WIND EXCEEDS 25 MILES PER HOUR. the day of the event.  

Can adults participate in the inflatables or interactive game inflatables? 
Yes, depending on the game.  If it is a small inflatable, such as a 10' x 10', it isn't really appropriate for adults.  However, adults can go inside to help their child if needed.  If you are looking for a game specific to adults, there are many items that we offer that are adult appropriate; such as The Rock Wall, Obstacle Course, or Double Threat Combo.

Can these units be used inside? 
Yes, ALL of our inflatable units can be used inside provided there is enough clearance to accommodate the size of the inflatable.        


                                                               Inflatable FAQ's

How many hours do you book the inflatables for?
We offer 4-Hour rentals and All-Day rentals. If you would like to rental a unit for a few more hours we will be willing to negotiate a fair price to meet your entertainment needs! 

Do you offer any specials?
Yes, we offer many different offers and promotions throughout the entire year. Check out our discounts section to see our full list.

Do you offer staffing and supervision?
Yes we do. Supervision consists of two of our Party Inflators Team assisting with the inflatable.

Are you fully insured?
Party Inflator's LLC has been fully insured since day 1.  By fully insured, we mean 1. Liability Insurance, 2. Property Insurance, 3. Worker's Compensation, and 4. Automotive

What kind of surface can the inflatables be setup on? 

Does it have to be perfectly flat?Inflatables can be set almost on any surface. The surface should be somewhat flat.  Steep hills are not good for inflatables. Please make sure the area is clear of any sharp objects and animal droppings before we arrive for delivery.