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-Must be 21 year old and employed

-Must hold current drivers license 

-Be able to tow a 5,000 pound trailer

-Show a strong desire to represent the company as an entrepreneur

-Discuss the demand in your market

-Legal resident in the United States

-Agree to the terms and conditions in the partnership


- Own your own business without a large initial investment

-Only monthly expense is the partnership agreement, fuel, and your helpers


-Assistance through Party Inflators with business related questions

-Option to stop the partnership if needed without any debt

-After 10 years of the partnership, the monthly partnership fees NO LONGER EXIST! 

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partnership includes:

-Owner/Operator of your own Party Inflators inflatable business

-Accessibility to Party Inflators documents, pictures, networks, etc

-Guidance and Support

-Website and Website support.


-Business Coaching.

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